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Reasons for adopting Adapt

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Transperfect discussed Adapt's features and indicated that if you are creating localization-friendly eLearning then it is a software to consider. Kineo indicated that it's one tool to rule all devices and discussed the 10 benefits of this open source software. Melissa Milloway (eLearning Guild) talks about the 5 Tips On Styling Your Adapt Authoring Tool Project but know that just like any authoring tool, knowing how to code like at least in CSS will get you far ahead with the functionalities and features of the tool.

I'm looking forward to Jeremy Pearce's talk on how RBC leveraged Adapt Learning. Knowing the framework before the talk would be a useful background info for you, IF you have little exposure to this tool. Also check out these demos and examples.

Adapt Learning (from Behance)



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